LEAPTOR aspires in becoming a market leader when it comes to providing secured entry solutions for all kind of private or public premises.

LEAPTOR brand is the registered entity owned by Avians Innovations Technology Pvt.Ltd. who has been one of the pioneer manufacturers with more than three decades in providing end-to-end solutions' in high-end automatic doors with vast experience in acquiring more then 500+ prominent corporate and global brands and successfully executed more then 10000+ products so far and learnt to follow the best business practices from its parent company.

About Avians Innovations Technology

We take immense gratification in introducing Avians Innovations Technology as the pioneer manufacturers & Solution provider for all types of High End Automatic Entrance Doors & Loading Bay Equipments


Physical Access System


Double Lane Full Height Turnstile S-535/2

Single Lane Full Height Turnstile S-535

Single Lane Full Height Turnstile E-538

Double Lane Full Height Turnstile E-538/2

Bridge Type Tripod Turnstile S-148

Bridge Type Tripod Turnstile E-142

Pillar Type Tripod Turnstile S-121

Pillar Type Tripod Turnstile E-128

Swing Barrier Dual Lane S-306/2

Swing Barrier Dual Lane E-343/2

Swing Barrier Dual Lane S-348/2

P Type Swing Barrier S-310

Swing Barrier H-301

Swing Barrier S-306

Swing Barrier E-343

Swing Barrier S-348

Sliding Barrier S-608/2

Sliding Barrier S-608

Flap Barrier S-248/2

Flap Barrier E-242/2

Flap Barrier H-221/2

Flap Barrier S-248

Flap Barrier E-242

Flap Barrier H-221

Advertising Boom Barrier S-30

Advertising Boom Barrier S-40

Articulated Boom Barrier H-45

Articulated Boom Barrier H-60

Articulated Boom Barrier S-45

Articulated Boom Barrier S-60

Articulated Boom Barrier E-60

Articulated Boom Barrier E-45

Biometric Access Control Kit S-200

Biometric Access Control Kit S-400

Fence Boom barrier H-50

Fence Boom barrier S-50

Fence Boom barrier E-50

Straight Boom Barrier H-40

Straight Boom Barrier H-60

Straight Boom Barrier S-45

Straight Boom Barrier S-60

Straight Boom Barrier E-45

Straight Boom Barrier E-60

RFID Wiegand Reader S1000/S2000

Face identification device S-402

Biometric Access Control Kit S-260


Swing Barrier Dual Lane H-301/2

Fixed Bollards

Manual Bollards

Automatic Bollards

Crash Rated Bollards

Permanent Underground Vehicle Scanning System

Portable Underground Vehicle Scanning System

Sliding Gate Motor SLG-2500 | SLG-3000

Sliding Gate Motor SLG-4000 | SLG-6000

Sliding Gate Motor SLG-1200 | SLG-1500 | SLG-2000

Sliding Gate Motor SLG-600 | SLG-600-S

Sliding Gate Motor SLG-300-B | SLG-800

Swing Gate Motor SWH4-600

Swing Gate Motor SWH6-600

Swing Gate Motor SWUG-400

Swing Gate Motor SWUG-300-B

Swing Gate Motor SWG4.5-400 | SWG4.5-400-B

Swing Gate Motor SWG4-400 | SWG4-400-B

Direct Drives Range 1400 Nm Advanced Control Board

Direct Drives Range 1400 Nm Control Board

Direct Drives Upto 750- 1400 Nm

DC Drives Range 300 Kg to 800 Kg

AC Drives Range 2500 Kg – 4000 Kg

AC Drives Range 1300 KG – 1500 Kg

Tubular Drives

Direct Drives Range 140 - 550 Nm

AC Drives Range 300 Kg to 1000 Kg

Glass Door Motors GDO-2100-L | GDO-2140-L

Glass Door Motors GDO-1100-L | GDO-1140-L

Swing Door Motors SWD200

Swing Door Motors SWD80