Boom Barriers

Boom Barriers 

We live in an era where almost everything around us is automated or is in the process of being automated.

Increase in the rate of growth in technology, automation & advanced human Safety and Security are considered as the major concern. Automation zone provides the best safety and security with years of guaranty and lesser maintenance costs.

Thanks to the advanced technological advancement, we have new system and devices which have helped in managing the traffic. We now have the use of boom barriers across various places like residential complexes, shopping malls, offices, parking area, railway crossing, toll plaza, entry/exit points of factories etc.

What are Boom Barriers?

Boom Barrier or Boom Barrier gates are horizontal poles or bars pivoted to manage the flow of the vehicle by allowing or halting the vehicle. The boom barriers replaced traditional manually operated ones to the automatic boom barriers. Taking in to the consideration the current scenario where we can see the digitalization of the Road traffic control and management system and digitalized approach towards everything there needs automatic boom barriers.

An automatic boom barrier can be operated through:

Remote Control
Push Button
Loop Detector
RFID tags

As mentioned above, boom barriers with RFID tags makes them more efficient. With the help of the RFID tags, boom barriers become even more safe and ensures flawless security of places.

You definitely need one of these in your offices and residential apartments where even the slightest of lack of security may result in unauthorized entry. Even in the parking areas having many vehicles moving in and out, it is difficult to control and manage the vehicle flow, with the help of automatic boom barriers you can easily manage the vehicle movement and also keep record without much manual interference.

The need of Boom Barrier Gates:

Coming to the point of safety of people/premises which an automatic boom barrier surely ensures. Good thing with boom barrier is this could be first line of defense for the security, a security personnel can perform inspection for every vehicle. Usually places like areas with heavy traffic flow and it becomes difficult to manage the traffic manually. LEAPTOR offers seamless and easy parking management systems articulated boom barriers that reduce congestion/traffic, increase revenue and improve overall output of the parking program.


Boom Barriers are made up of a barrier arm which is pivoted at the fixed point. It has an AC motor, gearbox, locking plunger and a balancing spring. The AC motor is strong and powerful to lift up the installed barrier arm, it moves in the vertical direction. By giving power supply to the motor, the motor rotates the gearbox which in turn moves the counterbalance channels from horizontal to vertical positions & vice versa.

The gearbox is heat-radiating with high carrying ability. The balancing spring holds the barrier arm from not falling low. The locking plunger enters the locking device smoothly and freely. The boom barriers range from 2m – 6m, the operating temperature ranges from -20 to+ 80°C, this allows to use them in different climatic zones and the operating voltage ranges from 110 to 220 V. Various types of boom barriers like, Straight arm, folding arm, Fence arm and advertising type are available.

LED indicators makes easy to know the movement direction & working of the barrier.

Benefits of Boom Gates:

Boom barriers are reliable, improve security and control the flow of traffic, provide instant privacy from entering of unauthorized persons. They are very durable and made to last. They’re also built to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, and are low maintenance and efficient in utilizing space.

Thanks to the obstacle detection system which makes barrier to move upwards if any obstacle is detected.

Automation zone provides boom barriers with latest trending technologies like LED boom barrier, RFID boom barrier and also improves the lot more with all the features.

The Way Ahead

The technology has a lot to offer and everything it has till now has simplified our lives. Automatic boom barriers are just another example of how a small piece of metal controlled by the computer can prevent injuries, ensure security and safety of people. LEAPTOR strongly propagates the idea of having one of their products installed at the required places.