Flap Barrier


LEAPTOR series of Flap barriers are produced with high quality components and intelligent effort from R&D under the guidance of professionals with latest technology. High quality production ensures smooth and reliable product for intensive use. We produce wide range of pedestrian barriers to meet customized and challenging need of customers.

Flap gate barrier made with high quality SS 304 material having sleek design to suit the aesthetics of the building. A series of flap barrier is row makes it easy to control the crowd entry authentic & recording the data.

Flap pedestrian barriers offer a modern sophisticated look and are an ideal security measure for entry points into businesses requiring an additional level of screening.

They are fast and suited to high-volume foot traffic areas. They also prevent pedestrian ‘tailgating’ and entry from the incorrect direction.

Multiple lanes flap barriers with acrylic illuminated wings can be used for bi-directional movement by controlled motorised drive mechanism. The drive mechanism with compact control unit provides maximum throughput with smooth operations and high performance. Safety features makes it more reliable and safe to control heavy movement for intensive use.

A series of flap barrier are available with unique features for wide range of security, commercial, corporate and industrial applications to meet customer satisfaction.

Performance :  Automatic flap gate characterized by high efficiency with quick response and complete performance. They are impeccable in their movement, elegant design with smooth finish.

Safe: Inbuilt infrared sensors detect obstructions during its movement. Barriers can also be integrated with fire alarm system.

Compatibility: Barriers are compatible to integrate with any access control system.

Reliable: In house design and production to achieve quality product with high performance make it more reliable. Own production enhance quality that makes product more reliable to achieve customer satisfaction.

With modern technology used in these access solutions, getting in and out of the building is made easier and more convenient. Some types of gates can let through an average of 35 people per minute. There are also some designs that allow easy access for wheelchairs.

Safety is the number one concern. Regulating the movements of customers, clients, visitors, and external contractors is an important risk mitigation strategy for any business. Second to that is security, including protection against theft of goods.

The options for controlling pedestrian movement have evolved with the need for increased safety and security and faster more efficient operation. Manual gates are still valuable in the right circumstances, but automated options – including turnstiles, pedestrian barriers, flap barriers, and rapid access gates – have raised the bar.


Office Buildings, Corporate Lobbies, Governmental Facilities, Financial Institutions, Defense Installations, Data Centers, Metro stations, University/Educational Institutions, Leisure Centers and Bus Terminals/Depots.